Social Media Database, SocialCRM & Planning for a Better Business

22 Jul

I signed on to work with Epicom fresh out of college because I knew CRM was something bigger than anything I learned about in school. I stand by that statement too.

The last internship I finished was with a full-service advertisement and public relations agency. In my transition from agency to Epicom, I made it my goal to hang out with the agency’s interactive and social media department.

With the interactive team, I learned about different tools to use, different communities outside of Facebook, and above all the importance of being a part of the conversation and how to easily be in the conversation without devoting too much time.

As soon as I started researching for my interview with Epicom, I SumbledUpon SocialCRM. When I think about my lessons from the agency about tailoring messages for each medium, being a part of the conversation and above all evolving from what people are saying and compare it to customer relationship management, I get really excited for my future as a consumer and in business.

The biggest flaw I see with SocialCRM is the inability to easily browse everything people are saying or have said about a brand/service/experience. Even with Google Alerts, HootDeck, Facebook pages, hashtags and other applications, it is near impossible to go back to something that could have been valuable for relationship planning.

Once all the kinks are figured out, which is happening every day, the ability to collaborate to improve business based on what the customer wants will become instant. Right now, there is a lot of focus on customer service in CRM and social media. Customer service is normally after the problem such as an apology on Twitter for a bad bagel or a mistake from an employee. SocialCRM needs to continue on the path of making the customer relationship stronger, but a lot of what is said exposes valuable flaws in business.

The next big step for CRM is the ability to log social media comments based specific characteristics, and then be able to shape a better business around the aggregated comments. Sure most companies are listening but are they retaining?

The fundamental problem with social media is that everything is permanent but it is quickly forgotten.

A better business experience can be found. SocialCRM needs to aggregate conversations for the long-term customer relationship, not the here-and-now discussion. Smart businesses are already doing this but SocialCRM needs to step up and make it easier.

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