My last day at Epicom, My last blog post.

31 Aug

Today is my last day at Epicom.

As I reflect on Steve Job’s 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford, I can see the dots connecting themselves. As I look backwards, I can see how I have grown professionally and what I still need to learn.

The biggest dots from working at Epicom are learning CRM, this blog and actually learning CRM, using Hubspot and Pardot, growing into my “professional” self through networking, and ultimately discovered that I could run a business with the tools and trick from Epicom.

Aside from connecting the dots backwards, I have created the dots I want to place ahead of me. I discovered I need to push my creativity. I plan on getting into photography, Photoshop and InDesign for catalog and publication making, and to continue learning about marketing and merchandising.

The best part about Epicom is that I could learn and decide what I want to learn, and I had people there to support me, guide me, and talk to me about how to get there.

I am glad I trusted my gut, my destiny, my life, my karma. Without it, I would have never learned about CRM, marketing automation, business development, and most importantly how to learn more from my coworkers.

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