Rolling in the Tweets

19 Mar

I’m not sure if you noticed but about two weeks ago the clouds parted and a bright beacon of hope shined down upon the world. I got a job/internship doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do: Online/Social Media Marketing. The job description was so perfectly tailored to my career goals and interests that I was waiting for my alarm to wake me up at any moment.

First assignment: “So SXSW is this weekend. Can you start interacting with other companies involved in the event on Twitter? Follow them and make us seem, like, fun?” Done. Did I mention we were hosting a skeeball party? Yeah. My second assignment was to live tweet during the entire party. I was planning on doing that anyway, so why not?

But what does Twitter have to do with CRM?  Social media is no longer “emerging” into the business world. It’s here. It is the fastest source of news sharing and Twitter is the most common B2B social media platform, making it perfectly sensible for a CRM firm to have a presence there. Twitter allows businesses to have a personality and connect with current and potential customers and clients. It is a free tool that, when used properly, can increase sales, product awareness, customer interaction, and brand identity. You can just be a CRM firm, or you can be the CRM firm that is looked to for Tech news updates, company consulting, software services, market leading, and the like. Twitter is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

I am very excited about the upcoming projects I will be working on. Not only will I be learning a lot but the expectations of me are higher than I anticipated which is a great feeling (I have a problem where I want to always be needed and relevant so this really motivates me).

Oh, and by the end of my live tweeting during the skeeball party, the Chicago Skeeball League started following us on Twitter. Potential CRM customer? I think so. Obviously my job here in done and a corner office with my name on it is in the near future.

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